Parente APE


The passion for the art of pyrotechnics of A.P.E. PARENTE ROMUALDO dates back more than a century ago, when Romualdo Parente founded, in Puglia, Italy, his small company dedicated to the manufacture small fireworks used in the festivities. This passion, with experience, has been handed down from generation to generation.

Produzione articoli pirotecnici

Fabbricazione Articoli Pirotecnici Parente APE

Fabbricazione Articoli Pirotecnici Parente APE

In 1989 “A.P.E. PARENTE of ROMUALDO” was founded. Today it has a significant operational structure of 35,000 m2, composed of authorized silos to store pyrotechnic products and laboratories for the production of its own artifice.

Eco compatibilità

Eco Compatibilità

Since the last 10 years our high production standards include the commitment in the production of products that respect the environment. The idea that has become widespread in recent years in the fireworks field.

Our products are completely Eco-compatible and low environmental impact.

Even in the execution of fireworks is performed a thorough evaluation of the installation site and firing to identify the situation and choose the best configuration that does not cause damage to the surrounding environment.