Parente APE

Special Effects

We are specialized in Designing and Implementation of Special Effects for any kind of event.
Performances theater, concerts, TV show, presentations, conventions, weddings, birthdays, exhibitions of cars and motorcycles, are just some examples of events in which Our Special Effects can be integrated.

The effects we have are multiple kinds and can be used both inside as outside.
They can be also synchronized with specific moments chosen by the customer, directly on a music track prerecorded or even live!

Fiamme per concerti, esibizioni, show, effetti speciali


The classic flames enable the creation of exciting fireballs synchronized to the music to make your event spectacular.

Fontane Pirotecniche Special Effects

Pyrotechnic Fountains

The fountains and all pyrotechnic effects allow the creation of unique, fun and colorful choreography. Can be used in indoor spaces and outdoors.

Lingue di fuoco motorizzate

Moving Flames

A show within the show thanks to the new generation of flames with a movable head with which it is possible to produce tongues of fire fast and accurate up to a height of 10m.

Effetti Speciali Spara coriandoli


We have various types of confetti machine / confetti and streamers. They can be safely installed on stages, shows and events, even in a fixed manner, without the intervention of our operators.

Cascate e incendi di edifici effetto speciale

Waterfalls and fires

Thanks to the light falls and fires installed on buildings, monuments, aerial platforms, you can create a magical visual experience that makes the most of the place where they are installed.

Geyser Getti CO2 da palco


With the geyser effect they are produced in a controlled manner CO2 jets. They can be used on stages, in corporate events, night clubs and music events. Ideal for outdoor events. The smoke stacks reach a height of 10m.